Dow Key is an expert in waveguide switch and waveguide component assembly. Dow-Key is a manufacutor of Rectangular Waveguides and Circular Waveguides. Dow-Key offers waveguide products to four major markets – Commercial, Military, Avionics, and Hi-Rel/Space.Waveguide Switch


A waveguide is an electromagnetic feed line used in microwave communications, broadcasting, and radar installations. There are different types of waveguide for each type of wave. A waveguide consists of a rectangular or cylindrical metal tube or pipe. The electromagnetic field propagates lengthwise.
Waveguides can be constructed to carry waves over a wide portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, but are especially useful in the microwave and optical frequency ranges. Depending on the frequency, they can be constructed from either conductive or dielectric materials. Waveguides are used for transferring both power and communication signals.


  • 3 or 4 port
  • Latching, Transfer, Indicator Circuit
  • Latching, SPDT, Indicator Circuit
  • Failsafe, SPDT, Indicator Circuit


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Dow-Key offers switching products to four major markets – Commercial, Military, Avionics, and Hi-Rel/Space. These products include individual coaxial, waveguide, board mount, and MEMS switches along with custom integrated assemblies and switch matrices.