Reliant Switch™

Reliant Switch™

Dow-Key® – launches new high performance product line: 10 million life cycles RF switch with 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability

R401k switch

Dow-Key® Microwave announces the release of its new high-performance product series called Reliant Switch™ with a SPDT being the first RF switch in this series made available to the RF & test industry.

Engineers performing system integration in telecommunication and component manufacturing are faced with a range of challenges relating to the cost of test and the reliability over test systems’ life expectancy. RF tests across DUT’s require maintaining high insertion loss repeatability between ports to increase the measurement accuracy and reduce the source of errors in the measurement path. In addition, a longer life expectancy will keep the cost of replacing RF switches to a minimum thereby reducing the downtime and improving overall test efficiency. In addressing these challenges, Dow-Key® now offers a solution combining excellent electrical and mechanical performance over a broad frequency band with high isolation, low VSWR, long life, and exceptional insertion loss repeatability. The first release of Reliant Switch™ product line is a 1×2 bidirectional coaxial switch with an operating frequency range from DC to 26.5 GHz covering the typical 6 GHz test frequency for high-speed testing. The switch is designed with a high isolation of 85 dB at 4 GHz maintaining the integrity of the measured signal in port-to-port testing. The Reliant Switch™ SPDT can sustain a guaranteed insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across the entire frequency band from DC to 26 GHz. It also has an extended life where each position can switch a minimum of 10 Million cycles, which is a 10X improvement over a typical RF switch.

To meet a variety of test & measurement setups and signal switching configurations, the Reliant Switch™ is offered with latching actuators, optical position indicators and SMA connectors. The 1×2 switch operates in break-before-make mode with 150W CW input power at 3 GHz (cold-switching). In hot-switching applications, a maximum of 2W CW can be applied to the input port(s) across the frequency band.

The Reliant Switch™ SPDT has a switching time of 15 ms and it is offered with a nominal power supply voltages of +12Vdc or +24Vdc. The switch can be controlled by applying ground to close the desired port, but it is also available to be controlled via TTL logic (by applying +5vdc to close a port or +0Vdc to open a port).

Both Reliant Switch™ SPDT switch options can operate over a -25°C to +75°C temperature range and be stored between -55°C to +85°C. For antenna and radar related applications, the switch operates up to 15,000 ft and can be stored at 50,000 ft without any performance degradation.

Dow-Key® Microwave’s new Reliant Switch™ product line is economically priced to minimize impact to budgetary concerns and are designed to deliver its specified performance over the life of the switch. Customers now have the flexibility to choose between life expectancy and cost without sacrificing switch performance.

Update : (Dow-Key® Microwave introduces a new switch R521-series product to their high performance product series called Reliant Switch™; a terminated SPDT switch available with or without TTL control is entering the market.)

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