RF Matrix

Dow-Key Microwave has been at the forefront of RF switch technology for decades and has long been the leader in efficient electromechanical matrix design and development. Current Dow-Key RF technology integrates a Next Generation Matrix Platform; a flexible, yet modular system architecture comprised of a series of brackets, panels and electronic-boards that are universal among all Dow-Key electromechanical models.

Dow-Key RF matrices, or electromechanical matrices, allow users to route multiple RF signals to multiple output paths. Output path types include:

  • Crossbar – One path exists between the input signal and the output path
  • Fan-Out – Divides the input signal so that it can be routed simultaneously to different output paths
  • Fan-In – Combines all input signals and routes them simultaneously to the same output path
  • MS Series: Multiple Switches – Controls multiple coaxial switches easily through software and allows for user to add as many switches as needed.
  • MP Series: Multiplexer – The Dow-Key Multiplexer lets users route one input to as many as N outputs (it is bidirectional).

Dow-Key RF Matrices offer optimized switch solutions for use with the applications:

  • ATE – Ideal for UUT/DUT testing.
  • SATCOM – For switching between communication signals in a larger scale.

Dow-Key RF technology incorporates broad bandwidth, high-density switching and streamlined compatibility for low and high RF power applications. Dow-Key also offers a large variety of software controls that come with all RF matrices including LCD/keypad or touch screen for manual control or Ethernet, RS-232, HTTP, LabView or GPIB for remote control. Dow-Key electromechanical matrices are engineered with precision and vary by Matrix type, Input/Output Configuration, Connector type, Frequency, and type of Software control.

DowKey RF Switch Highlights:

  • Switch matrix using electromechanical RF switches for applications where higher frequency, better RF performance and high power requirements are needed.
  • Frequency bands: DC-18 GHz or DC-26.5 GHz or DC-DC-40 GHz
  • Available switch configurations: Multiple switches, Multiplexer, Crossbar, Fan-Out and Fan-In or custom design
  • Reconfigurable Next Generation Matrix Platform
  • SMA and N-type connectors. Other RF connector per request.
  • Starting at 1 RU chassis enclosure up to 4 RU or larger
  • Manual Control via LCD/Keypad or Touch Screen
  • Remote controls: Ethernet, RS-232, USB, HTTP (web-browser) or GPIB, RS-422
  • Large variety of software features available for controlling the matrix and for developing user-specific scripts or software codes
  • Lightning fast switching time, starting at 50 ms or less
  • Modular design for easier reparability and maintainability
  • Cost-effective Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) switch solution available
  • Expert at custom solutions and built per customer specifications