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This switch matrix transfer signals in pure optical domain (using MEMS switches) with a operating wavelength of 1530-1565 nm. The 8×14 system is configured with a partially crossbar and partially fan-out switching topology. The unit isÿcontrolled locallyÿthrough a sleek GUI touch screen on the front that allows the user to graphically set the desired paths. The GUI runs on a Windows based PC andÿis offered with a removable hardware. Aslo accessible from the front panel is aÿUSB 2.0 port allowing the user to connect a mouse (or any USB device)ÿto the matrix.ÿUnder a safety guard (to prevent any unintentional setting.) theÿsystemÿcan ÿpowered upÿand it is equipped with two LEDs on the front that monitors dual power supplies for use of redundancy. Remotely, the matrix is controlledÿusing TCP/IP Ethernet interface.

This matrix can be configured as a 16×16 full fan-out switch matrix upon request.