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The L-band Dual System is composed of two Full Duplex Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) racks; operating from 900 to 2050 MHz. This L-band Teleport is unique such that the system has a single Master Control Module (located on the Rx rack), while the Tx rack is controlled via a Slave Control Module. Thus, when closing a path on the receiver side a matching path will also be closed on the transmitter end.

This sophisticated switching system is built by cascading (4) 12×12 Fan-Out and (4) 12×12 Fan-In Modules to create 12×48 configuration on the Rx rack respective 48×12 configuration on the Tx rack. On the Rx rack, all (4) 12×12 modules are routed to a Master Control Module and integrated to a 12×48 system, while on the Tx rack it goes to the Slave Control Module.

The system is fully controlled through Master Controller Module (from Rx rack) which is equipped with Windows 2000 Professional operating system (CPU), graphical LCD touch screen display and a removable hard disk. On the rear panel, 12×12 Modules Fan-out modules are interconnected using 9-pin CANbus D-connector.

The L-band system is also loaded with (4) Fiber Optic Modules; two for transmitting and two for receiving signals. In addition, each rack is equipped with a Power Supply module, a Signal Monitor panel, and a Signal Attenuation Control module. Furthermore, the Rx rack is populated with (6) L-band amplifiers.