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The C-band System is a non-blocking full Fan-Out (any input connected to any output simultaneously) solid state switching system operatingÿfrom 3.4 GHz to 4.2 GHz. This C-band system is a 32×64 SMA-type matrix enclosed in a 19″ full rack andÿconsist of the following (8) units:

(1) Controller Module with Graphical LCD Touch Screen

(2) 16×64 Input Modules

(4) 32×16 Output Modules

(1) Fan Controller Module

The system is fully controlled through the Controller Module equipped with Windows 2000 operating system (CPU), graphical LCD touch screen display, removable hard disk, and (1) external USB port for plugging in either a mouse or a keypad. On the rear panel, the Input and the Output Modules are interconnected using 9-pin CANbus D-connector such that they create a full 32×64 fan-out switching system.ÿAlso, on each module a +12 VDC DB9 connector is available that goes to the Fan Controller tray to keep the system cooled down.