RF Switch Matrices

Dow-Key integrates larger scaled switching systems using its own coaxial switches (electromechanical switches).

Using an electromechanical matrix allows users to route multiple RF signals to multiple output paths, in the form of:
• Crossbar – one path exists between the input signal and the output path.
• Fan-Out – divides the input signal so that it can be routed simultaneously to different output paths.
• Fan-In – Combines all input signals and routes them simultaneously to the same output path.

These systems are designed for the applications: ATE (ideal for testing UUT) and SATCOM (for switching between communication signals in a larger scale). The primary advantages to using these units are the broad bandwidth, high density switching (route many inputs/output signals), and their perfect compatibility with low and high RF power applications. The trade-offs to using the units though are their slower switching speed, limited life, and larger systems. There are also a variety of software controls that come with all matrices including LCD/keypad or touch screen for manual control or Ethernet, RS-232, HTTP, LabView or GPIB for remote control. Our high-quality electromechanical matrices are engineered with precision and vary by Matrix type, Input/Output Configuration, Connector type, Frequency, and type of Software control.


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