Miniature MS-Series Matrix (MMS-Series)

Did you know Dow-Key Microwave now offers a Mini MS-Series Matrix Matrix built with high-performance Reliant Switch™ product series?  Also the Miniature MS-Series Matrix (MMS-Series) has many applications, where RF switches are needed and not only restricted to VNA extensions but also supports extensive testing on DUT’s! 

Most noteworthy mini matrix is an ideal switch solution for Test & Measurement requirements. As a result designed and built with the Reliant Switch™ product series in mind. The MMS-series can be used in many applications where RF switches are needed, and it is not restricted to VNA’s extension only. Furthermore, to support extensive testing on DUT’s, the MMS-series matrix model is equipped with high-performance Reliant Switches™ with 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability across DC to 26.5 GHz and a minimum of 10 Million Life Cycles for SPDT and 5 Million Life Cycles for SP6T.

The miniature sized enclosure can be populated on the front panel with a maximum of:

  • (8) SPDT Reliant Switches™
  • (2) SP6T Reliant Switches™
  • (1) SP6T + (4) SPDT Reliant Switches™
  • (2) SP6T + (1) SPDT Reliant Switches™

Also, the MMS-series needs a 12Vdc power supply, and the switches can be controlled remotely via TCP/IP Ethernet and HTTP-Server, which has a built-in “Sequencer” feature that allows the user to program up to ten 500-step sequence programs.

Also, No RF cables are provided with this solution.