Programmable Delay Lines

8001 Series

The 8001-Series Programmable Delay Line, used for shifting the phase of a RF/Microwwave signals, offers a range of variable delays that be can be programmed by the customer. The delay line can be custom tailored to 200.0 ns maximum in total delay with a minimum step size starting at 10.0 ps. The 8001-Series is the finest custom programmable delay line instrument available in the marketplace with a wideband signal frequency input from DC to 18 GHz. All signal input and output connections are easily accessible on the front panel and are terminated with female SMA (50 Ohm impedance) connectors.

Software Control
The 8001-Series Instruments are programmable and can be controlled through GPIB (IEEE 488.2), Ethernet TCP/IP and RS-232 (Serial) interfaces.

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