Dow-Key® Microwave has been a prominent supplier in the SATCOM (satellite communication) industry for decades with a wide range of relays and switching solutions available for many different ground base and Teleport applications. The best in the RF switch industry, Dow-Key’s® engineering team is dedicated to support customers from product selection, custom design to RF switch system integration, and post product support.

Switching Solutions

Waveguide Switches

Waveguide are used in Teleport systems to route signals with narrow bandwidth operating at high frequencies and at high power levels. Dow-Key® waveguide route signals up to 75 GHz and are designed to operate in high temperature environments; are offered with high Isolation and low Insertion Loss. For weight sensitive applications, our Lightweight WR-series is a perfect solution with its extreme low mass.

Coaxial Switches: SPDT and Transfer DPDT and Multiposition switches

For wideband signals up to 40 GHz and for applications such as switching between two antenna signals using SPDT switches (401 and 402-series) or for routing two incoming signals to two outgoing paths using Transfer DPDT switches (411 and 412-series), our routing multiple signals to one output (SP3T-SP14T switches), Dow-Key® provides RF switch solutions with many choices. Selections such as connector types, control signals, indicators, RF terminations, ruggedized or non-ruggedized environments, RF power level, and many more options are available to meet all types of requirements.

Solid State Switch Matrix: Fan-Out (Tx) and Fan-In (Rx)

Many SATCOM applications require more sophisticated switching modules to support low power and high density signal routing both on the transmitter (Fan-Out) and receiver (Fan-In) side. When dealing with many I/O signals the complexity of switching increases rapidly. Dow-Key’s® matrix product line offer software controlled solid state switching solutions for routing input to output signals over typical frequency bands: HF, IF, VHF, L, S and broadband. Most common configurations from 6X6 to 16X16 are available and for higher density 32X32, 64X64, or larger are also offered. Dow-Key also can provide solutions with fast system level switching time at 10 ms, if needed.


  • Solution uses solid state switches, power combiners or dividers for Fan-In or Fan-Out configurations and other passive components as needed on design basis. Active components such as amplifiers are also utilized.
  • Dual power supply with indictors on the front panel
  • For Low Density switch matrix up to 12X12: CPU with Windows 7 (or later) operating system, removable hard drive, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 and Touch Screen graphical user interface (GUI) with visual representation of port settings and status check are offered. SNMP control can be added feature
  • For High Density switch matrix starting at 16X16: Modular control card solution with LCD & keypad, Ethernet TCP/IP & UDP, and RS-232 software controls are available. As additional optional features, control over HTTP (website) and master/slave configurations can be added.

Electromechanical Crossbar Switch Matrix: CB-Series

For wideband, high frequency and high power SATCOM applications, Dow-Key® understands the need of switching between more complex test setups may be require. The CB-series crossbar matrix is an excellent choice that allows the user to switch between multiple input and output ports; switch an input signal to any unique output port at a given time. The largest standard configuration is up to 12 inputs by 12 outputs and operates to 18 GHz. Larger systems and/or solutions with higher frequency options are also available. To learn more, download our Electromechanical Matrix products.

SATCOM Integrated 19″ Rack Solutions

For extreme complex and high density switching needs, Dow-Key® has both the expertise and the capability to custom design full rack SATCOM systems with complex switching requirements. For instance, C-band 32×64 solution, model 5096, is built using two 16×64 input modules and four 32×16 modules together with a controller unit, touch screen and a fan controller unit to keep the system cool. A more sophisticated solution is model 5190/5191 duplex Teleport system. It is composed of two full loaded 19″ racks with 48×12 (transmitter) and 12×48 (receiver) switch modules built using 12×12 sub-modules, signal monitoring panels, master-slave controller, fiber optics modules, power supply modules, signal attenuation control and L-band amplifiers across both transmitter and receiver racks.Download our Full Integrated Solutions or read further on our Custom Application page.

Module SATCOM Switching Solutions

Our latest design in based on a modular platform where the size of the SATCOM system can be increased using modular building blocks of 16X6 switches to make a maximum of 94X110 matrix. The platform has removable cartridges and a low Noise Figure of 18 dB. The beauty of the system is that the signal routing stage (between the Input stage and the Output are easily interchangeable between passive Fan-Out, Fan-In, or Crossbar switching types, or a combination of these types can be used to make a hybrid switch matrix. To learn more, contact our Technical Support team to speak to an engineer.