Since 1945, Dow-Key Microwave has had a significant role in providing the Airborne, Naval and the Electronic Warfare (EW) community with coaxial and waveguide RF switches. Both military and commercial switching solutions are available for aircraft antenna systems, additional airborne applications, shipboard/other radar applications, and general communication needs. As the best in the RF switch industry, Dow-Key provides an extensive product offering in support of Avionic requirements.

Coaxial RF Switches: SPDT through SP14T

Dow-Key’s coaxial switches are available from SPDT up to SP14T and are bidirectional. SPDT, Transfer DPDT, and SP4T thru SP6T switches are offered up to 40 GHz, while SP8T thru SP14T switches are available up to 18 GHz. This line of products supports any number of switching requirements and is available for low-to-medium-to-high RF power applications. Options include a number of connector types, control signals, indicators, terminated and non-terminated ports, ruggedized designs, and many more choices that fit any number of different applications. 

Waveguide Switches

Waveguides are mainly used for routing signals with narrow bandwidth operating at specific frequencies and high power levels. Dow-Key’s waveguide switches direct signals up to 75 GHz, are designed to operate in high temperature environments and feature high isolation and low insertion loss. For airborne applications where weight and size are critical factors, our Lightweight WR-series is ideal with its low mass and low profile. 

Transco 300/310 Series

The robust 300/310 series of transfer switches supplied with TNC, N or SC connector was designed for use in extreme environment conditions. High Power Radar and communication systems in airborne and mobile military ground vehicle exposed to temperatures of -55⁰C to +85⁰C and 20 g random vibration is one of the application this switch is most suited for. Medical equipment requiring high power and low transmission loss for signal routing is another perfect fit for operation up to 12 GHz with TNC and N connectors. DC control is through MS 3113H 6 pin connector.
1. 300/310 Catalog Datasheet
2. 300/310 Specifications