Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, the world leader in electromechanical switches, has been providing Low PIM rated coaxial switches to its customers for few years. Today, Dow-Key is excited to announce the next series of Low PIM switches now available with N-type connectors (in addition to SMA connectors) for both the RF Test and Wireless Communication industries. gI_127812_Capture

Today, a growing demand on wireless communication devices and RF system require passive intermodulation (PIM) to be carefully considered as we push for higher data rates, larger wireless coverage area and system reliability.

PIM is a concern at the wireless system level because intermodulation products from an adjacent transmit bands appear in the receive bands raising the receiver noise floor. System performance is reduced and the wireless system as a whole becomes less reliable without a Low PIM Coaxial Switches. With Low PIM coaxial switches rated at -160 dBc, the choice can make a big difference on the RF and Wireless Communication testing outcomes.

In order to reach higher levels of performance, the non-linear response to RF signals from passive devices like switches and their connectors must be minimized so that system performance robbing intermodulation products are not produced. With Dow-Key’s New line of Low PIM Coaxial Switches, the results will be supported by the industries best switches test after test.

Dow-Key Low PIM switches offer the solution required to minimize intermodulation. Now SPDT, DPDT and SP6T with SMA or N-type connectors are available in the New Low PIM Coaxial Switches from Dow-Key Microwave. These Low switches are specifically designed and guaranteed to meet 3rd order IM requirements below -160 dBc; at 1870 MHz and at approximately +43 dBm with carrier frequencies 1930 MHz and 1990 MHz.

Adolf Cheung, Dow Key Microwave’s Sales and Marketing stated, “As a technology leader, Dow-Key remains committed to deliver innovative switching solutions for the RF Test and Measurement market, including the Wireless Communications industry.” Cheung also added, “The extensive qualification, along with the refinement of our manufacturing process for our latest Low Passive Intermodulation (PIM) switches, has enabled Dow-Key to build a solid foundation focused on the cutting edge of technology, and in areas directly in line with our customers’ needs. With this new offering of Low PIM Coaxial Switches, we have specifically target the RF Test and Wireless Communication industry’s needs.”


Dow-Key Microwave Corporation is an American company that is headquartered in Ventura, California. All product design, assembly, and testing is done within their 36,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, and the company is world renowned for producing precision products that are made for space, commercial, and military use. Dow-Key, founded in 1945, is also the oldest continually operational RF Relay Manufacturer in the United States.

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