Dow-Key Microwave Corp. Offers New Matrix Platform

By Offering the Advanced MP-Series of Multiplexers, Dow-Key Gives Users More  Control in Performing Switching and RF Testing

Dow-Key, the world’s largest manufacturer of electromechanical switches for radio frequency and microwave applications, is thrilled to highlight another full featured product, the MP-Series Bidirectional Switch Multiplexer. A device that routes one input to various outputs, the Multiplexer now gives users a more convenient platform than before.

“The feedback from our customers for all of the features have been very positive as we have listened to their needs and responded back with a convenient platform that gives users more control…which is the way it should be,” said Sara Nazemzadeh.

The MP-Multiplexer features a drastically higher switching speed from the previous model. With 50 ms the user can command the switch to change position, reducing testing time when the user creates automated tests. This model keeps the cycle count of each position in every switch, and since coxial switches have limited life, this helps users track it.

The user also has full control of adding and removing switches, whether it is for replacing the unit with a new switch or adding additional switches to the matrix. “This is a benefit to the customer as they no longer need to return the unit to us to have it serviced or upgraded…they can do it themselves,” said Nazemzadeh.

Another interesting update is seen in the Ethernet model extending its use to include built-in webpage access so the user can control the matrix from any web browser with assigning both static dynamic IP addressing. Further, the matrix can also be controlled via USB port. Dow-Key SCPI commands are available to allow the use to not only control the matrix remotely but to also be embedded in end-user automated software test programs.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on both the software and hardware updates. Nazemzadeh said that “the entire brain of the system resided on a tray, which can be easily removed from the rear. It allows the user for trouble free maintenance for field upgrades and repair.” If required, redundant power supplies, fans, and temperature sensors can be added to the unit as well.

Dow-Key, founded in 1945, and headquartered in Ventura, CA, is the oldest continuously operating RF/microwave switch manufacturer in the United States. Dow-Key has also been developing matrix switch solutions for a number of industries including: ATE, Avionics, SATCOM, Space, and more since it’s founding in 1945. Contact Dow-Key directly for additional RF specs on the MP-Series. The Dow-Key website also has a support center online that is home to a number of helpful white paper product tutorials for customer use.

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