Ventura, California – June, 2003

Dow-Key Microwave (a subsidiary of Dover Corp., NYSE:DOV), is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of electromechanical coaxial and waveguide switches, switch matrices, integrated modular assemblies, and related passive components.

Dow-Key Microwave, The Solutions Company” is a newly compiled, 100-page catalog offering a panoramic view of the company’s Switch and Switch Matrix solutions for applications in all the major markets.

Dow-Key’s industry leading, standard product line of switches range from Single-Pole Single-Throw to Single-Pole 14-throw as well as Transfer, Inline, and Waveguide Switches and covers a broad frequency range of DC to 26.5 GHz. In addition, the company has in recent years expanded its solution’s capability by offering Coaxial Switch Matrices and multi-function Integrated Modular Switch Assemblies.

The catalog, arranged by product category, includes all of these products and offers ease of navigation for the customer. It provides photos, schematics, drawings, and performance specifications for each device. It is also available on CD ROM format.

Additionally, requests for modification of standard items, their specifications or new devices in order to meet specific needs are always welcome as well as inquiries for custom integrated component or switch assemblies. New product information is publicized via monthly press releases and on our web site at https://www.dowkey.com.