Ventura, California – September, 2002

Dow-Key Microwave (a subsidiary of Dover Corp., NYSE:DOV), is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of electromechanical coaxial and waveguide switches, Switch Matrices, Integrated Modular Assemblies, and related passive components. Its newest product is the High Power T Switch. This space-qualified unit (511H-730322) offers a perfect solution for S-Band and C-Band redundancy systems.

Maximum weight of this High Power T Switch is 195 grams. DC characteristics include 32-43 VDC (42 VDC nominal) operating voltage and 510 mA (max) operating current @ 43 VDC and 20ºC. Equipped with a random latching actuator, this device switches in less than 25 ms.

>With a focus on S—Band applications, this space-qualified unit tested successfully for multipaction free operation up to 270 W Peak Power at 1.9 GHz. The average power test was conducted at 4 GHz with a 140 W power level. Both tests were performed with the RF power transmitted through both closed paths.


Frequency Range (GHz) DC-4 GHz 4-4.8
VSWR (Max.) 1.20:1 1.25:1
Insertion Loss (dB Max.) 0.15 0.20
Isolation (dB Min.) 65 60

Dow-Key”s product line of switches range from single-pole single-throw to single-pole 14-throw as well as Transfer, Inline, Waveguide, Switch Matrices, and Integrated Modular Switch Assemblies. For more information, call the Dow-Key Sales Department at (805) 650-0260 or visit our web site at http:/

For more information, call the DowKey Sales Department at (805) 650-0260 or visit our web site at