RF Switches for ATE Applications

Dow-Key’s new product catalog offers wide range of RF switches for use in test applications. For smaller test setups with few I/O paths the 1-million and 5-million cycle switches with 0.03 dB repeatability up to 4 GHz are a popular choice, in addition to,  miniature sized and pin-mount PCB switches. 

In larger test setups where many I/O paths are under test, compact solution such as PXI modules  is recommended, specially our 12K3S-series where each module can be populated with up to three RF switches and with any combination of dual SPDT, DPDT, SP3T, SP4T, and SP6T switches. Another popular choice is our extensive matrix portfolio that offers many different I/O matrix combinations for ATE applications. They all are offered with both local control and with pair of remote interfaces:  GPIB/RS-232 or Ethernet/RS-232. Dow-Key matrices are well suited for any test application where RF signals are routed between various DUTs and test equipments. To learn more about switches for ATE applications, contact Dow-Key.

Download Links:

SPDT Coaxial / Pin Mount  Switch

DPDT (Transfer) Coaxial Switch

SP3T-SP14T Multi-throw Switch

Miniature Coaxial Switch

PXI modules / Matrix Portfolio

Photo: ATE switch products