PXI – Reconfigurable RF Switching Module

The DK-PXI-1001 is designed to provide solutions to complex broadband switching applications. This switching matrix can be also utilized for inserting and removing components in signal paths.

The module occupies 4 slots of a 3 U PXI chassis. In addition, since only the first left slot in a chassis requires electrical connection, the unit can also be used in a low cost version with extension slots.

Although the product is originally configured as a 4X4 Non-Blocking Matrix, this unit can offer many additional switching configurations, making it true a Re-Configurable RF Switching Module.

After removal of six semi-rigid cables, the user has direct access to 12 internal ports allowing configuration of the switching network as a set of standard switches (2 X SP4T, or SP4T Terminated, or 3 x SPDT and Transfer, or 4 x SPDT, and SP3T, to mention just a few, or as a custom switching network. The flexibility of changing control functions is also included in the software package.