New RF Switch Matrix Platform Hits the Market

Dow-Key Microwave continues to innovate and is exiting to introduce the next generation switch matrix platform that is better, faster, and modular. The new platform is engineered around a flexible and efficient modular system architecture that not only has new software features, but it is also repairable and field upgradable.

The platform allows the following switch configurations – where switches are controlled via software both manually and remotely:

  • MS-Series: Selective invidual switches (SPDT, DPDT, SP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, SP10T and SP12T) can be mounted on the rear panel.
  • MP-Series: Bidirectional muliplexer with configuration starting at 1×13 up to 1×143.
  • CB-Series: Non-blocking crossbar matrix starting at 2×2 up to 12×12 configuration.

Larger configurations can be customized.

To learn more, download the below Quick Guide or Matrix Catalog.

Attached Files:

Quick Guide – New Matrix Platform

Matrix Catalog