Low PIM Switches for Applications Sensitive to Non-Linear Responses

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is referred to distorted signals that occur in passive components such as coaxial switches, when two or more signals contribute to a non-linear response. Dow-Key Microwave recognizes that PIM becomes a concern in applications where two or more transmitted signals share a common antenna or whenever the transmitter signal is too high or the receiver is sensitive to high intermodulation.

As Low PIM requirements on passive devices are increasingly getting more significant in test and communication industries, Dow-Key Microwave offers switches that reduce this unwanted signal. To avoid high intermodulation levels, most Dow-Key coaxial switches from SPDT up to SP12T, are available with the “W” option to indicate a Low PIM version. These switches are specifically designed and guaranteed to meet 3rd order PIM requirements below -160 dBc at 1870 MHz and at approximately 43 dBm (20 W), with carrier frequency 1 at 1930 MHz and carries frequency 2 at 1990 MHz.

Low PIM Switches


To learn more about Low PIM switches, contact Dow-Key or download the below product sections:

SPDT Coaxial Switch
Transfer (DPDT) Coaxial Switch
Multi-Position (SP3T-SP12T) Coaxial Switch