How To Create Your Own Switching System Using Dow-Key Products

VENTURA, Calif. (August 15, 2008) – Dow-Key Microwave is pleased to release three new Application Notes describing how one can build their own switching system by using Dow-Key CANBus switches together with an ENET or a GPIB Kit. The difference between the ENET and the GPIB kit lies in that the translator board uses either the TCP/IP protocol or the GPIB protocol respectively to transmit data.

The AN2008-08-CYOM application note describes in details how to select the CANBus switches and how to integrate the components provided in either Kit. It shows the user step by step how to create a matrix using Dow-Key switching solutions.

The software is further described in separate application notes, AN2008-08-ENET and AN2008-08-GPIB, differentiated by which communication protocol is used. These notes guide the reader in how to set up the communication and how to control it by using Dow-Key’s special SCPI commands. All command syntaxes are explained by using examples and the expected results are also shown.

To further learn more about how YOU can use Dow-Key’s switching solutions in order to put together your own solution, please refer to the application notes. For additional information, contact technical support.

Application Note AN2008-08-CYOM Rev1.0: How to Create You Own Matrix
Application Note AN2008-08-ENET Rev 1.1: Using the Ethernet Kit
Application Note AN2008-08-GPIB Rev1.1: Using the GPIB Kit