Full integrated L-Band Switching Duplex System

Receive and Transmit Ingegrated Switching SystemsThe Dow-Key L-Band Switching System is designed to communicate with satellites using receiving and transmitting building blocks of 12×48 Duplex Switch Matrix consisting of 12×48 Fan-Out and 48×12 Fan-In configurations mounted in 19” rack chassis.

The system has a Windows-based controlled module with a front panel LCD touch screen, allowing for easy access to local control and signal monitoring. SNMP compatible software further allows the integrated system to be remotely monitored and controlled.

In addition, a “hot swappable” solution is offered with the advantage of having building blocks such as the Matrix Units, or the Dual Power Supply, or the Windows based Controller, easily replaced without any interruption in the remaining matrix segments and without impacting any established signal routings.

Also, a defected hard drive can be exchanged without any service interruption. It is a very powerful integration system that does it all.

L-band Duplex System