Dow-Keys Reconfigurable PXI Module Solutions

Photo: All PXI modulesDow-Key is pleased to introduce a complete set of reconfigurable PXI switching solutions with flexible matrix configurations. The presented modules are available both in 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz (only for 12K3S-Series) and have applications, such as inserting and removing components in signal paths, in mind.

The 14F3S-1/4×4 module (a.k.a. DK-PXI-1001) is by default configured as a 4×4 switch. However, it can be reconfigured, to mention a few, as: 2xSP4T, SP4T Terminated, 3xSPDT and Transfer, or 4xSPDT, or SP3T, and many other ways to meet most design needs.

The 14F3S-1/2×5 PXI module (a.k.a. DK-PXI-1002) is a bidirectional switch with a 2×5 non-blocking matrix configuration.

The 12K3S-Series (a.k.a. DK-PXI-1003) is composed in one assembly with up to 3 individual switches which can be mixed and matched as desired. The available switches for selection are: Dual SPDT, DPDT Transfer, SP3T, and SP6T VXI switches.

More information can be found on our product search site under Electro-Mechanical Switch Matrix
14F3S-1/4×4 Data Sheet
14F3S-1/2×5 Data Sheet
12K3S-Series Data Sheet