Dow-Key’s new low-cost Plug & Go RF switching solution

Ventura, CA, April 2, 2009 – Dow-Key has extended its switch solution by introducing a new plug & go RF system – the Gold Package consisting of a Controller Unit (6101) and a CANbus Address box (5060). This solution offers an ideal setup for engineers who are looking for a low-cost switching solution. It allows the user to design a switching matrix in any way desired by choosing CANBus switches together with the Gold Package (see data sheet for Silver Package).  The package provides both hardware and software that allows the user to interact and control each individual switch using SCPI commands. Model 6101 Photo

The Gold Package offers a sophisticated solution enclosed in 1U chassis that is ready to be used by plugging in coaxial switches on the rear panel. Model 6101 is fully equipped with dual power supplies, local, and remote control interfaces. A 2-line LCD display and a push-button keypad on the front panel allow the user to control the switching system locally. The rear panel of the chassis is populated with (24) CANbus interfaces and with either a RJ-45 (Ethernet interface) or a DP9 male connector (GPIB interface) for remote control. This ultimate solution requires no assembly time and is hassle free. All that is needed – plug in selected CANbus switches (purchased separately) on the rear and auto-configure the unit from the local LCD control – voila! The system is up and running at no time.Model 5060 Photo

In order for the system to distinguish between each CANbus switch, each switch needs to have its own address. Model 5060 is a unit that allows the user to program the switches easily with different addresses. Just plug in the CANbus switch, set a unique binary address via an 8-pin dip-switch, power up the unit, and flip a mechanical switch. A solid green LED will indicate when the CANbus switch has been programmed.

It is strongly advised to include Model 5060 in the package. It gives the user total control over how to interface with each switch at software level, in addition to, providing the user a safety net to re-program switches as needed.

Download Data Sheet

Download Software Application Note –  ENET

Download Software Application Note –  GPIB

6101 Data Sheet
Software Application – ENET
Software Application – GPIB