Dow-Key Microwave Corporation Announces a Brand New Enhanced Site Search with 10 Different Product Classes

After Recently Releasing Their New Website, this RF Tech Manufacturer Surprises Us Again With a Superior Site Search

Ventura, CA, June 30, 2011

Product PageThe world leader in design and manufacturer of RF and Waveguide Switches, Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, has announced that in conjunction with their updated website, they will now offer an enhanced site search for customers. Their products, which can be for industrial, as well as military, government, and space use are top quality and professional grade. Dow Key wants to continue reflecting the quality of their product by also providing a quality site search making it easier for customers to find the exact product they need.

Dow-Key representative Sara Nazemzadeh states, “We are proud to introduce a smarter way to find products. Per our studies, we found that users who want to quickly get an overview of available products will foremost use the Basic Search. Users who know exactly which parameters are needed in order to select a switch will use a combination of both the Basic Search and Advanced Search to narrow down their selection to a specific part number more quickly.”

Nazemzadeh adds, “In either approach, the new product search will automatically update the product filter and will provide available options to guide the user better in finding exactly what they need.”

The new website contains a new search function for finding products by providing visual examples of the product classes they offer. The new product class guide includes: Coaxial Switches SPDT to SP14T for DC-40 GHz requirements, Waveguide SPDT and DPDT switches available for low to high bandwidth (up to 70 GHz) applications, Space Qualified switches for Hi-Rel and environment sensitive applications, Electromechanically Matrices for routing inputs to outputs in larger scales for up to 40 GHz applications, Solid State Matrices offered over specific bandwidths (up to L-band) for routing multiple inputs to multiple outputs ports, Fiber Optic Matrices routes large scaled input to output signals in pure optical domain, PXI Switch Modules designed for routing high density ATE signals in PXI chassis, Program Delay Lines for applications where a signal delay or a phase shift is required without affecting the RF signal under test, Programmable Attenuators for signals up to 6 GHz, and last but not least, Archived Products for older switch designs which Dow-Key still supports.

Using these visually displayed product classes will add a filter to the customer’s product search which will improve the website’s ease of use. The product class feature will allow customers to easily narrow down their search to a few selections, and the advanced search will allow them to further narrow down the selection to only a few products. As well, with only few clicks, the dynamic product search filter will guide the user to select options that are only available.

With over 60 years of experience, Dow-Key is the oldest continuously operational RF Switch manufacturer in the United States. Dow-Key Microwave is a maker of fine precision products, and offers a wealth of tutorials, software downloads, and product guides free online to their customers.