Dow-Key Announces the Next Generation of Lightweight Waveguide Switches

Lightweight Waveguide Switch

VENTURA, Calif. (April 28, 2008) – Dow-Key Microwave is pleased to announce the next generation of Lightweight Waveguide Switches which are superior to previous designs in terms of weight, size, and current consumption. These switches are available in WR62, WR75, and WR90 with frequencies ranging between 12.4-18.0 GHz, 10.0-15.0 GHz, and 8.20-12.4 GHz respectively.

The Lightweight Waveguide Switches are offered in Latching Self Cut-Off operating mode with a design life of 200,000 cycles and can operate in extreme temperature ranging from -54°C to +85°C (-65.2°F to +185°F) allowing usage in both ground and airborne applications. In addition, these waveguide switches are equipped with Indicator Circuitry and with Transient Suppression Diodes. Dow-Key also provides these switches in two different flange types: Cover flange and Choke Flange.

The new Lightweight Waveguide Switches have been accurately and carefully engineered to meet today’s need in military and commercial applications. Therefore, the total weight for the WR62 has been reduced by 46% and by 55% for both WR75 and WR90 waveguide models which results into a weight of 300 grams (10.6 oz.). In addition, the overall dimensions are slightly smaller when compared to earlier Dow-Key designs, and the new waveguides now draw 65% less current which is equivalent to 350 mA.

These waveguide switches are excellent for use in applications where size and weight are critical such as in military and commercial airborne programs. For Space Qualified requirements consult with factory for Dow-Key’s Hi-Rel Waveguide Switch product line; ranging in sizes from WR15 to WR112.

Ligthweight Waveguide Data Sheet