Press Releases

Dow-Key’s 40 GHz Switch Products
Friday 08/15/2008

Dow-Key’s Reconfigurable PXI Module Solutions
Monday 06/30/2008

New 5 Million Life Cycle SPDT Terminated Switch
Wednesday 05/21/2008

Dow-Key Announces the Next Generation of Lightweight Waveguide Switches
Tuesday 04/08/2008

Dow-Key�s 5 Million Cycle Switches
Tuesday 04/01/2008

Hermetically Sealed – High Power SPDT
Tuesday 04/01/2008

Full integrated L-Band Switching Duplex System
Monday 11/26/2007

PXI – Reconfigurable RF Switching Module
Wednesday 09/26/2007

Microwave Products Group Announces The Acquisition Of Pole/Zero Corporation
Wednesday 02/28/2007

New RF Relay Switch Matrix Product Search
Monday 01/08/2007