Press Releases

IME/China 2009 Show Exhibition
Monday 11/30/2009

Dow-Key Microwave receives GOLD Supplier Award from Northrop Grumman
Thursday 09/03/2009

Dow-Key now offers 75 OHM systems
Monday 08/24/2009

Dow-Key’s superior Lightweight Waveguide switches
Monday 08/24/2009

Dow-Key now offers FIBER OPTIC switching systems
Monday 05/11/2009

Dow-Key’s new low-cost Plug & Go RF switching solution
Thursday 04/02/2009

Dow-Key Microwave announces LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) certified switching systems
Monday 01/26/2009

Dow-Key Offers Low PIM Switches
Tuesday 11/18/2008

WR-62 (12.4-18 GHz) Waveguide – Ready to be shipped in 24h
Thursday 08/28/2008

How To Create Your Own Switching System Using Dow-Key Products
Friday 08/15/2008