Press Releases

Leader in RF Technology, Dow-Key Microwave Corporation Unveils Brand New Website
Tuesday 06/21/2011

Low PIM Switches for Applications Sensitive to Non-Linear Responses
Tuesday 01/25/2011

Low PIM Solutions: A collaboration between sister companies Dow-Key Microwave and K&L Microwave
Tuesday 12/21/2010

Space Brochure
Tuesday 10/26/2010

Dow-Key Microwave at Autotestcon Show 2010
Monday 10/18/2010

Dow-Key at PAX River Tabletop Event
Wednesday 10/13/2010

Dow-Key Microwave at EuMW 2010 Trade Show
Tuesday 10/12/2010

RF Switches for ATE Applications
Thursday 08/26/2010

Matrix Series in Focus: Models 3206 thru 3211
Friday 04/09/2010

Matrices in Focus: Model 4601 & Model 4701
Friday 04/09/2010