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Targeting PIM Testing

Bandpass/bandstop (BP/BS) and lowpass/highpass (LP/HP) diplexers meeting rigid Passive Intermodulation (PIM) specifications are the essential building blocks of innovative testing system architectures. By integrating these filters with Dow-Key's switch matrices, an OEM can construct a single automated test system capable of covering a variety of frequency bands. Test systems of this kind can be further expanded to accommodate injection of interfering signals, monitoring ports and other customer requirements.

Switch Solutions for Systems with Low PIM Requirements

This paper focuses on defining Passive Intermodulation and the concerns around PIM. It also discusses the cause of PIM in both general terms and in switches, in addition to, providing a solution for systems with low PIM requirements.

A Guide to RF Switching Systems

Whether you are designing an RF switching system or planning to purchase one, it is important to understand the fundamentals of these complex systems and the ways in which application requirements impact cost and performance. This paper will explain the requirements placed on switching systems and the tradeoffs that different choices presents.

Design Guide Microwave Switches & RF Coaxial Relays

A guide in basic microwave theory and its application in microwave switches and RF coaxial relays.

CANbus Controlled Switch Matrices

Electronic control of conventional buses such as RS-232, RS-422 and GPIB, requires complex wiring for control and power lines in electromechanical switch matrices. As these switches grow in complexity, the control interconnections between components become a real challenge, thus increasing design and integration time and affecting serviceability. This paper features how Controller Area Network (CAN) resolves the complexity in designing electromechanical switches matrices.

Smart Switches with CAN Serial Communication Bus

A series of electromechanically switches are developed that is targeted specifically at test equipment applications. The unique switches are based on ISO defined serial communication bus which adds tremendous flexibility to today's complex test systems. This paper will discuss in details how these switches operate.

Select a Mechanical RF Relay or Switch

The paper discusses how by following some straight forward guidelines, the process of specifying a mechanical relay or switch can be greatly simplified.

MEMS Switch Technology Approaches the "Ideal Switch"

It features a commercial product development effort using MEMS RF switch technology to achieve low loss and fast switching times - dated 2001

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