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Technical Support

Dow-Key engineers offer extensive technical support with each expert in specific product line: Switches, Matrices or Hi-Rel /Space solutions. We love hearing from you and we are eager to provide you with quality support for your specific product needs.

Adolf Cheung

Products: Switch & all other products
Email: acheung@dowkey.com
Tel: 805.650.2329

Victor Crampton

Products: Matrix & Space products
Email: vcrampton@dowkey.com
Tel: 805.650.2356

Sara Nazemzadeh

Products: Matrix Solutions
Email: snazemzadeh@dowkey.com
Tel: 805.650.2338

Vince Harter

Products: Hi-Rel/Space Solutions
Email: vharter@dowkey.com
Tel: 805.650.2340

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