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Custom Applications

The best in the RF switch industry, Dow-Key's engineering team is dedicated to support you all the way: from custom solutions to RF switch system integration and post product support. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing RF switches and complex switching systems. Our experience is priceless. It enables us to provide customized solutions built per custom specifications and to meet all types of signal switching needs; foremost matrix solutions, fiber optics switching and switches for space applications.

Backed by decades of industry experience our highly skilled engineering team works with you to create a solution that best fits your needs. Our expertise and profound knowledge allows us to offer you the optimal switch solution taking features and performance versus cost into consideration. We work with you on every step to achieve your design goals and with timely delivery.

Why Dow-Key?
  • We design and manufacture our own electromechanical switches.
  • We build per your design and performance specifications.
  • We offer you our RF switch and design expertise and guide you in achieving your project goals.
  • We provide you high quality solutions for a great price.
  • We can offer program management, special quality testing or SDRL management if needed.
  • We know how to integrate complex switching modules the proper way for maximized performance.
  • We can design and integrate switching systems with active components such as amplifiers, attenuators, isolators, filters etc.
  • We offer many software control options: Ethernet (TCP/IP), GPIB, RS-232, RS-422, CAN bus, LXI, SNMP, Touch Screen control, LCD/Keypad control, LabView etc.
  • We provide unlimited support to our customers - before and after purchase.

To learn how we can support your engineering needs, contact our Technical Support to speak to an engineer.

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