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Since 1945, Dow-Key Microwave has a significant role in providing the Aviation, the Naval and the Electronic Warfare (EW) industries with coaxial and waveguide RF switches. Both military and commercial solutions are available for switching needs for aircraft antennas and airborne applications, shipboard radar and other radar applications, and communication needs for the military. The best in the RF switch industry, Dow-Key offers an extensive portfolio to support Avionic solutions.

Coaxial RF Switches: SPDT through SP14T
Coaxial RF Switches - Dow KeyDow-Key's coaxial switches are available from SPDT (1x2) up to SP14T (1x14) and they are bidirectional. The SPDT, Transfer DPDT (2x2), and SP3T thru SP6T switches are offered up to 40 GHz, while the SP7T thru SP14T switches are available up to 18 GHz. This line of products supports any number of needs such as low/medium/higher RF power, connector types, control signals, indicators, terminated and non-terminated ports, ruggedized or non-ruggedized environments, and many more choices to fit any number of different applications.

Waveguide Switches:
Waveguide RF Switches - Dow Key Waveguide switches are heavily used for routing signals that are narrow bandwidth at high frequencies and signals that requires high power levels. Dow-Key switches such as 30-series and 33-series can route signals up to 60 GHz. These RF switches are designed to operate in high temperature environments and are offered with very good isolation and insertion loss. Also, for airborne applications where the weight is a critical factor, our Lightweight Waveguide WR-series switches are a perfect fit with its extreme low weight.

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