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Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of electromechanical RF Switches and RF and Fiber Optic Switching Systems, is part of the Ceramic & Microwave Products (CMP), which is a subsidiary of Dover Corporation. We specialize in Coaxial Switches, Waveguide Switches, Space Qualified Switches, Electromechanical Matrices, Solid State Matrices, Fiber Optic Matrices, PXI Switch Modules, Programmable Delay Lines, Programmable Attenuators, and much more. Specializing in RF Matrix, Switch Matrix, and RF Switches

As a leader in RF technology, Dow-Key offers high performance waveguide switches, coaxial switches, T-switches, Hi-rel switches, and switching systems such as integrated PXI modules, RF matrices (electromechanical, solid state and fiber optics), in addition to, custom switching designs and reliable solutions, as it is required in today's fast paced communication industry. Our products are used in a wide range of different markets, from commerical, military and to space, with applications in ATE, avionics, ground based, satellite communications, broadcasting, hi-rel, and many more. We are specialized in RF technology and custom switching needs. Dow-Key Microwave is AS9100 / ISO-9001:2000 certified and is committed to provide unparalleled customer service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Founded in 1945, Dow-Key is the oldest continuously operational RF Relay manufacturer in the United States.

Coaxial Switches

Coaxial switches

are an electromechanical switch made primarily for routing microwave signals/RF energy from one point to another within a transmission line.
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Waveguide Switches

Waveguide switches

are electromagnetic switches with hollow circular or rectangular cross-sections and are used for routing RF energy in microwave communications, broadcasting, and in radar applications.
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Space Qualified Switches

Space Qualified Switches

are used for both manned and unmanned space missions.
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Electromechanical Matrices

Dow-Key integrates larger scaled switching systems using its own coaxial switches (

electromechanical switches

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Solid State Matrices


solid state matrices

are precision made switching systems, manufactured using solid state switches.
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RF Matrix

A flexible, yet modular system architecture comprised of a series of brackets, panels and electronic-boards that are universal among all Dow-Key electromechanical models.
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Fiber Optic Matrices


fiber optic matrices

are designed to switch signals in pure optical domain with the use of MEMS switches.
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PXI Switch Modules Alternatives

PXI switch modules

are manufactured for high performance switching devices used in a PXI switch solution, we now offer alternative solutions such as the Electromechanical matrix product line.
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Programmable Delay Lines

Programmable Delay Lines

are programmable devices are designed to delay RF input signals up to 200ns maximum with a minimum step size starting at 10 ps. Dow-Key produces the highest quality, and most reliable programmable delay lines and offers them in a variety of delays.
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Programmable Attenuators


programmable digital-controlled, solid state attenuators

are designed for adjusting (reducing) the amplitude of RF signal with fast switching time.
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Archived Products

Can't find what you have been looking for? Our

Archived Products

section will help you find information regarding retired Dow-Key products.
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RF Switch

Electro-mechanical and solid-state, coaxial switches for a wide range of RF and microwave applications. We have extensive experience with commercial, Military, Avionics and Space markets.
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